"If you were looking for a reason to reach-out to your grandmother, this would be it...This is the game that will warm the Grinch-like heart of ours, calcified from years of terrible, terrible shooters and social games." - Kill Screen

"incredibly charming...the look, sound and mechanics combine to create a calming, zen-like experience." - Touch Arcade

"an unusual, artistic look" - IGN


VOYAGER is 100% hand-crafted using needle-felted wool and stop-motion animated.

You feel as though you are floating through a dream.

Zoom through space! Avoid planes, satellites, asteroids, planets and unexpected creatures lurking in the darkest depths of this galaxy and beyond. Tilt to control. Press and hold the screen to slow down time and help yourself get through even the trickiest of asteroid belts.


Download VOYAGER now for iPhone and iPad.

VOYAGER is Retina enhanced. All music and sound was discovered on Archive.org and Freesound.org. All art and code is crafted with <3.

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